Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Identity pie

Identity pie

I don't remember where I heard of identity pie (it is not my word creation, but I wish it were)!  Identity pie is more familiarly known as the wheel or circle of life.

It is a common activity used by coaches and other helping professionals to explore the level of fulfillment in all areas of life.

Draw a circle.  Divide the circle into 8-12 equal parts (how ever many you need to represent your life).  Write a different area of your life in each of the pie shapes.  Common areas are:

-Marriage, relationship, love
-Self care
-Volunteer work
-Life purpose
-Volunteer work/community

Adapt each pie shape to reflect your lifestyle.  After you complete the labeling, rate each area from a 1 (low or no satisfaction) to a 10 (great satisfaction).

Setting your intentions

1. Look at your identity pie.  Where are you fulfilled?  Where would you like to improve?

2. Pick one or two areas to work on. Where would you like to start?

3. What can you do right now to start a change in a positive direction?

4. List three small steps you are willing to take in creating a more joy in your life.

5. Write these steps down and put them in a highly visible place.  Read them often.

6. Talk to your friend/s about your goals and intentions so you are accountable to someone else other then yourself.

7. Take action!

Once you have accomplished your intention, go to another area of your identity pie and choose another area to work on.

Share your progress!

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