Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Beep beep Mama's got a new Jeep!

I've done it!  I've traded in my Hot Mama Mini Van for my dream car, a Jeep Wrangler!  I have wanted this Jeep since I was 16 (or maybe earlier).  I wanted this Jeep during my 20s and when I was 30 I could finally afford it.  When I told my husband at age 30 that it was time for my Jeep, he responded with, "don't you think we should get something more practical?  What if we start a family soon?"   I acquiesced and bought a Honda Accord.  Now I am approaching 40, two kids, several cars (and a mini van) later, the time has come!  I have my JEEP and I love it!  I love how free I feel as I'm driving topless (the roof that is) with the music blasting.  I love what being a Jeep driver stands for (freedom and adventure).

But most of all... I feel like yet again another layer of being confined by the needs of young children was released.

Some of us allow the confines and restrictions of early parenting to affect us more than others.  I was one to always feel bogged down by bottles, baby equipment, diapers, strollers, time schedules and the like.  With each passing phase I would celebrate.  The celebration was because my load was lightening, but each high maintenance phase gives way to more room for YOU.  It is hard to think and get around with small kids and all they require.  This mental and physical energy takes a toll and we often use more than we have making us feel exhausted.  This is when we start to neglect and put off our own needs and wishes.

I remember several years ago seeing a mother at the pool lying on a lounge chair reading a book.  I went over to her with my toddlers in tow fussing about and said, "someday I hope to be you. Please tell me it gets easier."  She laughed said, "it does get easier, but my kids are 8 and 10!"  She told me to "hang in there."

I've hung in there alright! I may not be able to completely chill out at the pool just yet, but I'm getting there.  I'm all about self-care for Mama and maintaining idenity.  But let's face it, some of our dreams and desires do have to be put on hold due to safety, practicality or time. But it does get easier, you do get more time and those things you put on hold will come!

What is bogging you down right now? 

Do you have any passing phases you would like to share? 

Is it YOUR time yet?