Monday, August 22, 2011

Yup, I got myself a coach!

Enlisting the help of a robust support network makes all the difference in how you experience your journey. -Anonymous

For the past few weeks I have been feeling all jumbled with an unfocused energy.  September always symbolizes new beginnings for me, and this Septmeber I have lots of ideas and visions which will improve the quality of my life-I just need some help getting there.  I have been thinking of my life coach who helped me through a difficult time about a year and a half ago.  Even though we haven't had any contact for many months, I debated giving her a call about half a dozen times to tell her I wanted some coaching to support me through my impending changes.  And as the universe would have it... in my in-box this morning was an email from her!  The power of thoughts are quite amazing sometimes! So, I am all signed up to start coaching with my warm, nurturing and butt kicking coach for the month of September.  

I am super psyched and ready for the challenge of creating a better me!

My encounter with my wonderful coach lead me to think about what makes people pick up the phone or send an email asking for help.  I knew I wanted support, I knew from our previous work together that she was a tremendous help, and I believe in the power of coaching.  You would think a fellow coach would have picked up the phone immediately and scheduled some appointments.  But, like anyone else I had's too expensive, I don't have the time, I can figure it out on my own...bla, bla, bla!  I have heard it all before from other moms and certainly from my own mouth, and you know what?  I simply value my well-being and happiness far too much then to poo poo my right to feel my best.  

 So off I go to tune up my mojo!

Asking for help is hard!  Harder for some then others.  Time after time I listen to stories of other moms struggling with:
Child care issues
Loss of passion

And yet with all of these difficulties, few ask for help.  Somehow we think good moms "do it alone".  This isn't true!  We don't have to women-up and do it by ourselves.  There are plenty of people to help you, you just have to make the commitment to yourself and reach out.  Whether you are in need of a life coach, personal trainer, cleaning person, your partner to pitch in more around the house, a babysitter or a child care swap with a friend...just ask!  Asking for help doesn't make you any less of a woman, it makes you a women who takes care of her needs!   

You deserve to be happy and EVERYONE (no matter how together they seem) needs a bit of support from time to time.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Under water!

I am quite aware my last post was many weeks ago.  I try to keep up with this thorn in my side  blog every two weeks, but this summer... not so much.  If you come here for laughs, mojo tips and inspiration, I will get it together here in a week or so.  Until then, my first priority (after my adoring family, necessary self-care and my rock star clients) is the 17 piles of laundry, shopping for school supplies, starting the year at my new school as a part-time counselor and going through my 300+ emails that accumulated during my two week vacation.  I will be back with some regularity and pep in my step...but probably not for a few more weeks.  Oh..and my next post?  I will be brainstorming a new name and concept for vacationing with young children!

Vacations sure ain't what the used to be!

Thanks for sticking with me