Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day is what you make it

My Mother's Day wish

My 37th birthday fell on Mother's Day this year.  I had high hopes and expectations (this is never good).  My husband kept asking me what I wanted to do for my big weekend.  I responded the same each time...I do not want to parent all weekend.  I don't want to correct, herd, put kids in time out, take toys away or be responsible in anyway.

My desires turned out to be the best thing I could have wished for as my kids were compete PILLS this weekend!  They were both whiney, irritable and generally uncooperative.  Every idea or activity we tried implement, they bucked the system.  I have to hand it to my hubby, despite the awful mood of the house, he remained true to his promise to be the primary care-taker daddy this weekend!

This morning (the day after Mother's Day) I never saw him get ready for work so fast and be so happy to be leaving the house!

Did anything sour your Mother's Day?

Even though my kids did not behave the way I envisioned how children are supposed to act on Mother's Day, I still managed to have a good weekend.  I did not let my children's mood rub off on me.  This is a good lesson learned and one that I am not always able to do!

Perhaps your Mother's Day went south because of your pouty kids or your spouse did not live up to your expectations.  Maybe you were fed up with all the visiting and, buying and taking care of everyone else.  Whatever it was, I hope you were able to find some time to yourself, to appreciate and honor YOU!

If not, you can always do a re-do!

My favorite moment (despite my irritable kids)

I have to say my favorite moment of the weekend was my mineral bath my hubby planned for me (in my children's bathtub).  I was excused from the bedtime routine and placed in a bath full of mineral flower petals.  There were candles, a bottle of chilled Choco Vine, (red wine and chocolate that is absolutely delicious) and my daughter's Hello Kitty boom box.  I cranked up the Dixie Chicks, sang at the top of my lungs, and indulged in my fattening chocolate wine...all by myself with no interruptions!  This may not seem like anything special to you, but to me...with a 3 and a 5 year old who are extremely high maintenance kids...this was pure HEAVEN!!!! 

I was proud of myself for not only surviving one of the worst "kid" weekends we have had in a long time, but actually blocking it all out to create some special time for ME!

What were some of your blissful moments (with or without kids)?

Any disappointments that you want to share?

One Happy Mama,


  1. well .. the one gift i wanted from my almost 13 year old daughter was to clean her room... i mean really clean, rearrange furniture and actually dust, get rid of the stuff she doesnt like, doesnt fit, has no use for etc. after whinning and complaining we slowly started to make progress as we were listening to music, talking, laughing.... after about 1 hour and a half when we were finally finished even the bed was made...... she turned to me and said thanks ... i love my room! ; )
    today monday morning ... room is still clean .. almost!

  2. That is a great gift...and that after the complaining you were able to talk and laugh! I wonder how long the gift will last???
    Thanks for Sharing Katy!