Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Bringing back your Mojo Podcast

April Perry, the Co-Founder of The Power of Moms, invited me to a podcast focused on the importance of having an identity and interests other then being "Mom".  Thanks for having me April! Be sure to check out The Power of Moms site for amazing articles, sanity saving activities, and upcoming events such as; retreats and Mom Circle Groups in your area!
Do you ever feel empty, unsatisfied, or like something is missing? Do you feel guilty because you have a good life, but you are always looking for more? Are you under the impression that being a mom should fill and complete you . . . but it doesn’t? That’s okay! You’re in good company.
After having children, many women come to the realization that they need to be fulfilled in all areas of their life, not just the part that answers to “Mom.” Don’t get us wrong, being a mom is great, and we love our kids, but that doesn’t mean we can’t love other things too!
There’s no reason to feel down, drained or disappointed when you have a whole community of moms ready to support you as you become the mother (and person) you most want to be.
Whether you’re a new mom struggling to figure out where your pre-mom self has gone, a mom whose children have become a bit more independent, or a mom whose suddenly discovered that her “empty nest” is feeling too empty, we invite you to join April Perry, co-founder of The Power of Moms, and Heather Sobieralski, of My Mama Mojo Life Coaching for moms, as they discuss what feeds their passions–along with tips and tricks for bringing back your mojo and creating a life you love!

(And one little clarification by April: In the podcast, I was discussing how the development of our specific talents can be helpful to other people, and I listed music as one of my talents that isn’t very serviceable.  Please understand that I was only referring to MY lack of talent in that area.  Musical talents are a beautiful gift to the world.  Thanks!)

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