Monday, August 15, 2011

Under water!

I am quite aware my last post was many weeks ago.  I try to keep up with this thorn in my side  blog every two weeks, but this summer... not so much.  If you come here for laughs, mojo tips and inspiration, I will get it together here in a week or so.  Until then, my first priority (after my adoring family, necessary self-care and my rock star clients) is the 17 piles of laundry, shopping for school supplies, starting the year at my new school as a part-time counselor and going through my 300+ emails that accumulated during my two week vacation.  I will be back with some regularity and pep in my step...but probably not for a few more weeks.  Oh..and my next post?  I will be brainstorming a new name and concept for vacationing with young children!

Vacations sure ain't what the used to be!

Thanks for sticking with me

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