Friday, October 28, 2011

New! Bring Back My Mojo Workshop

 Bring Back My Mojo! 

Not quite feeling like yourself since becoming a mom? 
Are you ready to feel great again? 
Come to Charm City Kids Club to connect with a group of like-minded women who are ready to laugh, get real, and support each other with the most common struggles of early motherhood. 
Through discussion, self-reflection and inspiring activities, you will learn realistic strategies to maintain your sanity and reconnect with YOU while enjoying in this crazy journey of motherhood! 

These 6 sessions will be held from 11:00am - 12:00 each Friday 
Starting December 2, 2011 and ending January 6, 2012 

12/2 — Becoming Mom: Your pregnancy and birth story 
12/9 — Letting go of GUILT, anger and resentment of self and others 
12/16 — Accepting changes you can’t control and changing what you can 
12/23 — Self-Care is not a luxury! 
12/30 — Who am I in addition to “Mom?” Creating your new identity 
1/6 — Getting clear on what you want: Setting goals and intentions 

Space is limited! 
$150 for all 6 sessions, and only $125 if you register before November 11 
Includes a 58 page ebook of activities and self-reflection AND… 
Free use of the Play Town for your child during the group session ($48 value)! 

If you would rather come without your child or your child is too young to use the space, you will be given 6 vouchers for future use. 

For more information or to reserve your spot, please contact Heather Sobieralski at (301) 717-7731 or 

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  1. Are there that many new moms out there that don't have to be at work on a Friday? Soooo jealous that they get to attend something like this. I had to hand my 6 wk old infant over to someone else during the day as I had to work. Lucky moms who have the time to attend!