Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring cleaning of the mind

As I am bagging up the kids' well worn clothes, packing up the random neglected toys, tackling the junk in the corners of my house, and cleaning the dirt off my windows-I am struck at how symbolic all this spring cleaning is for me.  Over the winter, I am a bit of a hibernator.  The cold weather hurts my bones and darkens my spirit.  I go to the gym less, I socialize infrequently, and I find the overall "blahs" hard to shake.  As the weather is warming up, and the sun is starting to shine, I am thinking about what a perfect time to spring clean (not just your physical space), but your mind, body and spirit as well.

What "junk" do you need to get rid of?  Are you holding on to limiting beliefs?  Have you been self sabotaging yourself?  Have you been procrastinating based on fear, self doubt...or perhaps plain old laziness?  Are you blaming motherhood for why you can't make any changes in your life? Are you ready to shake the blahs and bring back your MOJO?

As the clouds begin to part,  the vitamin D is soaking in your skin,  and beauty is blooming all around you-take this time of new beginnings to evaluate your own need to spring clean.  Perhaps you just need a minor dusting or maybe a complete overhaul-but wherever you are is the perfect place to start.

Happy cleaning!


  1. Heather, I read this during one of my quick lunch breaks last week and loved its message! Spring cleaning, in manageable increments, while listening to music has been a theme for me lately. I've also been discovering this spring that my 3 1/2-year old has a knack for gardening. We've been enjoying simple, backyard activities together, especially after the long drawn out winter we've had.

    Again, another great post!!

    P.S. I saw your TV debut and thought it was a fantastic discussion. You are a natural on the screen. Congrats!!!


  2. Thank you Sylvia! Enjoy the sunshine and gardening with your daughter.