Friday, February 25, 2011

What are you missing?

What are you missing?

I love sharing client success stories. I am working with a woman now who is just ROCKING IT!!!!  She contacted me about six weeks ago because she was feeling tired, irritable, wanted a career change, and realized that her current reality wasn’t working for her.

After learning a bit more about this full time working mom with three small children, I quickly realized that she had no outlets or joy in her life other then spending time with her children.  YES, our children our lovely…but they can’t fulfill every aspect of our complex lives as women.

We started to explore what she was missing about her pre-mom self.  What was it that made her feel alive, relaxed, passionate and happy?  This rock star client dove right in rattling off things she used to love, and no longer incorporated into her life.

We developed a plan to bring back these activities.  With her new responsibilities and time constraints as a mom, she had to be creative about how and where she could plug in these missing parts-but she did it! 

Six weeks later, I speak to an upbeat and energized woman who is now ready to start working on a career change as she is now feeling centered and balanced instead of exhausted and negative.

You are so much more then a mom, an employee and a wife.  You have your own goals, dreams and working realities to create.  You will be so much better at all of your roles when you take self-care and your identity as a woman as seriously as you do your role as a mother!

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