Saturday, September 11, 2010

The "Booger" in the middle of the night

I have not gotten much sleep over the past 6 years.  I have been woken up over bloody noses, peed on sheets, nightmares, snoring husbands, general insomnia, teething, illness, fire trucks, children playing with battery operated toys in the middle of the night, and little people falling out of their beds.  But never (until last night) had I been woken up because of a booger.

3:00 AM -I hear her crying and yelling, "Mom...I have a booger and I can't get it out."

Me: "Just pick it and go back to sleep."

Her: " I can't it's stuck."  Louder crying 

Me:  "Just stick you finger up there and get it."

Her: "I tried, I really can't get it."  Even louder crying

Me: Stumbling out of bed and into her room to help her pick her nose.  We end up in the bathroom with the bright lights.  Yep, there is a big booger in there all right.  I now supervise her picking attempts.  No luck.

Her:  More crying...

Me: "Just blow."  Putting a tissue up to her nose.  Not working....

Husband: Yelling from our room, "Squirt some saline up there."

Me: Squirting saline.  Not working...

Her: More crying...

Me:  "Let's go back to bed and breath through your mouth."

Her:  "Will you lay with me?"

Me: "Sure"

After about 30 minutes, she seems to have settled into her nose whistle.  I go back to my room.  As I'm dosing off to sleep she yells, "I got it mom!"  Then she comes to show the 1/2 inch booger that was causing her so much grief.

It is good to be mom.

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