Thursday, June 17, 2010

Completely off

This entry was inspired by a post by Sane Moms regarding boundaries.  When I think of boundaries I generally think of having limits with other people, saying no, protecting yourself from getting burned.  But what about self boundaries?  Do you know when to work and when to play?  Do you have distinct period for alone time, family time and spouse time?  Are you aware of time at all?

For, me these lines have been quite blurred lately.  I do not have distinctions of time, no schedule that is working, no time off and time on.  

I have been consumed by my computer.  This is where my lack of boundaries is glaring.  I am on the computer when I should be playing with my kids.  I am checking emails when I should be cleaning my house.  I am blogging when I should be spending QT with my husband.  I am spending too much time on social media when I should be practicing self care.  Even on the rare occasion that I do motivate myself to go to the gym, have some down time or "unplug"  I am obsessing about what I "need" to do when I get back to my computer.

I am lacking a boundary between work and life.  I just had a session with my coach who challenged me to remember a time when I had balance.  What was the difference?

I can't remember.

I do know that I need to take a break.

I will "unplug" for a week.  During this week I am going to create a workable schedule of time off and time on and the rest will just not get done.  My most important value is my family, my own balance and enjoying life.  I want to get more in line with my values.

Unbalanced me


  1. I hear you! It's so hard when social media is so prevalent, we can work anywhere, and there is not clear office for the work done @home. It's ten times harder than it used to be to set personal boundaries I think.

  2. Heather! We are all in the same boat. My solution is I have no idea! It truly is hard work with this whole ethereal "balance" thing- doesn't exist. My only saving grace is that I have no blackberry!

  3. This is so true. I'm not married or have kids, so I don't have the same issues you do there. But I do have my own business, still need to go to work, clean, take care of myself, etc - I have no self discipline when it comes to things I should do (like cleaning, etc).

    I've come to the conclusion that I need to limit my computer (blog mom clubs) to 2 nights a week and the other nights need to be devoted to my business with a break/time out for criminal minds on Wednesdays. We'll see if I follow through!

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    Tina "The Book Lady"